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[ux_cb_wrap][ux_cb_text unique="1537433245965" col="12"]Designer & Interior Photographer Carsten Nielsen In cooperation with Nuura Lightning, during the photoshoot For the Blossi Table lamp in the Beautiful architecture building by architect Bent Helweg Møller – Carsten  Organized and make the photoshoot for online

[ux_cb_wrap][ux_cb_single_image unique="1537008778003" col="12"][ux_cb_text unique="1536839124641" col="12"]SIMPLE OBJECT COLLECTION 02 [/ux_cb_text][ux_cb_text unique="1536838816264" col="5"] The Simple Object series art print is created with love to geometric lines and shapes with a mathematician’s attention. The inspiration for the lines of the Geometric face art prints. New edition

[ux_cb_wrap][ux_cb_text unique="1533114973225" col="7"]New special edition art illustration prints, Printet on 210g high quality art studio paper, in size 50 x 100 – Comes only in 100 pieces numbered & signered.[/ux_cb_text][ux_cb_single_image unique="1533825598420" col="12"][ux_cb_single_image unique="1533119919545" col="12"][ux_cb_single_image unique="1533119734815" col="12"][/ux_cb_wrap]

[ux_cb_wrap][ux_cb_text unique="1532414507121" col="12"]Giclée print on 210g Fine art paper by HahnemühleLimited edition of 1-200 piecesSignered & numbered By Carsten Nielsenlimited AW18 collection is found in contrastinggeometric materials Creating new shapes & contrastbetween the forms for a whole new perspective in

[ux_cb_wrap][ux_cb_text unique="1531738021135" col="12"]8000 Series [/ux_cb_text][ux_cb_text unique="1531653467908" col="7"] In close collaboration with Magnus Olesen, Work Designer & Interior Photographer, Carsten Nielsen, together they will create a visual narrative for the 8000 series chairs, a series of Danish architectural furniture made back in 1980

[ux_cb_wrap][ux_cb_text unique="1530696635887" col="12"]In collaboration Interior Photographer Carsten Nielsen Showcasing the geometric modern design lamps from Balance Lamp in her studio / Home for social media, he loves to work with light and in modern room, for represent the product the

[ux_cb_wrap][ux_cb_text unique="1530262777134" col="9"] Designer and interior photographer Carsten Nielsen, in collaboration with the danish furniture architect firm Magnus Olesen, in a cooperation photo shoot for online and press media in these beautiful premises designed by architect Bent Helweg-Møller.Helweg-Møller with his decorative setting an

[ux_cb_wrap][ux_cb_text unique="1529267121436" col="8"] In cooperation With Vrå kunstbygning – museum of modern art and contemporary art, Working designer and interior photographer Carsten Nielsen at Vrå Kunstbygning to Create visual story telling in art and architecture for online and Press media. Corrently Exhibition Landskaber & Mennesker exhibition period 10. juni – 22. juli 2018 Exhibition focusing

[ux_cb_wrap][ux_cb_text unique="1526056172394" col="12"]Styling  In collaboration with Morsø Movement creates Designer & Interior  photographer Carsten Nielsen perfect balance in this interior shoot for the River Vase.  About Danish design has been delighting the world for many years now. With a look and feel that is