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Geometric shapes Bycdesign Studio design styling Aalborg Denmark

Geometric shapes

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Create your space with geometry
Back in time where geometric forms and shapes were a big Interior statement, the modern Interior trend went back to the retro mid century geometric style, I personally love mid century architecture and art style, therefore, it is a big inspiration to my illustrations because it is so unique and timeless for this time.
Geometric lamps that stand out for more than its looks, modern design makers create unique designs for form and function, One of my favorites is the  Geometric lamps by Tom Rossau – so Well Handcrafted that makes every room special with the organic geometric shapes, and the beautiful soft light that spreads “Hygge” in modern Interior.

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shapes  No.1 – illustration prints

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Shapes No.2 – illustration art print

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Tr10 – Floor lamp


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