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August 2019

Designer & Photographer Carsten Nielsen is working closely with Dali Speakers to create visual story telling for the Opticon 6 Floor Speakers. To combine the high end material to the right environment. The Classic look of these speakers is a Signature

[ux_cb_wrap][ux_cb_text unique="1564352175359" col="12"]DALI SPEAKERS HQ [/ux_cb_text][ux_cb_text unique="1564350041843" col="6"] In close collaboration with Dali Speakers, Photographer and artist Carsten Nielsen works with visual storytelling for Dali Speakers to create a new path for photo material for Social Media, as well as online magazines.

Living in his studio. Designer and photographer Carsten Nielsen living and working from his studio. Aalborg-based Bycdesign Studio was started in 2016 by Carsten Nielsen, who works with graphic design, photography and interior styling. Carsten lives in a 96 square meter