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July 2018

[ux_cb_wrap][ux_cb_text unique="1533114973225" col="7"]New special edition art illustration prints, Printet on 210g high quality art studio paper, in size 50 x 100 – Comes only in 100 pieces numbered & signered.[/ux_cb_text][ux_cb_single_image unique="1533825598420" col="12"][ux_cb_single_image unique="1533119919545" col="12"][ux_cb_single_image unique="1533119734815" col="12"][/ux_cb_wrap]

[ux_cb_wrap][ux_cb_text unique="1532414507121" col="12"]Giclée print on 210g Fine art paper by HahnemühleLimited edition of 1-200 piecesSignered & numbered By Carsten Nielsenlimited AW18 collection is found in contrastinggeometric materials Creating new shapes & contrastbetween the forms for a whole new perspective in

[ux_cb_wrap][ux_cb_text unique="1531738021135" col="12"]8000 Series [/ux_cb_text][ux_cb_text unique="1531653467908" col="7"] In close collaboration with Magnus Olesen, Work Designer & Interior Photographer, Carsten Nielsen, together they will create a visual narrative for the 8000 series chairs, a series of Danish architectural furniture made back in 1980

[ux_cb_wrap][ux_cb_text unique="1530696635887" col="12"]In collaboration Interior Photographer Carsten Nielsen Showcasing the geometric modern design lamps from Balance Lamp in her studio / Home for social media, he loves to work with light and in modern room, for represent the product the